The Eternal Battle Player Profile: Sadou

Character Profile for Sadou

Name: Trainee Sadou
Race: hobbit
Class: assassin
Kingdom: Immortal
Warpoints: 0
Killed By Player: 0
Raids: 0
Mob Kills: 53
Mob Deaths: 0
Trophy List

Worn As A Light
a bright ball of light
Worn on Torso
A Breastplate of Discord
Worn on Head
a Horned{. Chaos{. Helm
Worn on Legs
(Black) Blighted Legplates
Worn on Feet
Black Studded Leather Boots
Worn about Body
Dusty Chain Cloak
Worn About Waist
Flaming Silver Belt
Worn Around Wrist
Blue Steel Bracer
Sharp LongSword of DemonLords